About Chantale & Co.

Chantale Gagnon is the founder, owner and principal of Chantale & Co. Over the years, Chantale has made a name for herself as a multi-disciplinary creator who dives into her work with artistic passion, innovative ideas, and organizational acumen. She has a reputation for 360˚ thinking, is goal-oriented, and has a strong capacity to implement vision.

“I strive to create pleasing environments for my clients. They entrust me with their dreams, building a very special dynamic between the clients and myself. It’s with the utmost respect that I take on the responsibility of making it happen for them."


''You were able to create a peaceful, comfortable and inviting environment.
More importantly, you helped create a home.''

-Lucy L., Toronto

Throughout her career, Chantale’s work has garnered attention for her warm and colourful interiors, and her style has been named unique and exotic. She has earned several awards and her work has been published. Raised in a family of talented artists, Chantale has trained for years in various artistic disciplines and in business. Her eclecticism allows for an approach bridging design genres, eras, and origins.

“In my family there was always a new creative project underway:  painting, pottery, flower arrangements, forged iron decorative furniture pieces... It was like that throughout my childhood and is still like that today. When you are steeped in artistry at such a young age, it fashions you. So I paint, photograph, and design. There are hundreds of ideas, furniture pieces, rugs, and fabric designs in my creator’s box; some already produced, others still waiting to come out to the world.”
Chantale is well-travelled compulsively records the tiniest details of scenery, architecture, and design. Her photography is a statement to that. Brimming with imagination, she keeps her soul nourished through art and nature.

“I chose to live in the country to be surrounded and nourished by nature. It’s my anchor and my source of inspiration. The best designs, irrespective of style, are always inspired by nature:  its colours and textures; the interplay of light and shade; the harmony, unity and variety it offers; and the wonderful lines and shapes it creates. Nature’s inventions crack open a doorway to the soul and I want to borrow from it as much as possible. Soulful environments are inspiring and foster emotional harmony in people.”

Chantale studied Interior Decorating at George Brown College where she won first prize for the Excellence in Interior Decorating Program. She also won several Canadian Decorators' Association (CDECA) Decorating and Design Competition Awards and a CDECA Ambassador Scholarship Award. She was awarded a grant by the Canada Council for the Arts and received the Jeanne Sauvé Convergence Program Award from Canadian Women in Communications. Chantale earned her Bachelor of Arts at Université du Québec à Montréal and studied business at Concordia University. Chantale is a lifelong student and is currently completing a Master’s of Holistic Theology. Chantale lives with her partner Bruce in Ontario, Canada. Besides her many creative endeavours, in her spare time she gardens, goes to the opera, skis, practises yoga and meditation, and takes care of the many little animals visiting their property.

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